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Rituals Hosted by Escapism / March 2018
March 22nd, 2018 @ Suicide Circus (Berlin, Germany)
Anselm, Cloak, Manuel Münster
Cloak pulls the strings when it comes to techno in Frankfurt am Main. As initiator of the Rebis parties in the Robert Johnson as well as the Void night, which has done stretches in various clubs, he regularly has the "who is who" of the Technocommunity from Function to Francois X. Cloak himself interprets the genre as dirty, acid-induced, raw, and belligerent. His sets, like those of his guests, don’t mince their words. Anselm varies within his arc of tension. On the one hand, there is a repetitive source material that can generate enormous tension with the help of a few elements, while full-on dancefloor pianos on the other end can turn the overall picture upside down in the next moment. The boldness of the unpredictability makes his sets extremely varied. Manuel Münster, on the other hand, is the embodiment of whipping kick-drums and biting blows that take no prisoners.

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